Christmas Dinner: Porcini Soup – Braised Iberian Duroc Pork Cheeks with Spaetzle & Brussel Sprouts – Tarte Tatin

If you should still be musing over what to cook for Christmas, here is my suggestion for a Christmas dinner. It is my last year’s Christmas Eve dinner and I truly enjoyed making it (and, of course, eating it). Its preparation will certainly keep you busy for a couple of hours but if you do not wish to spend too much time in the kitchen on Christmas day, much of it can also be prepared in advance. I suggest to begin with a light amuse-bouche – e.g. a light fish terrine which can be purchased from a good deli section (yes, some „cheating“ should be allowed on Christmas Eve) or a small fresh salad of young and tasty leaves. And then work yourself through the individual courses as follows (for the recipes, follow the links):

  1. Porcini SoupIMG_1470_1
  2. Braised Iberian Duroc Pork Cheeks with Spaetzle and Brussel Sprouts0ee6962f-85f5-4776-b902-46c34d72a71b
  3. Tarte TatinIMG_0516_1

I recommend a dry (not too acidic) white wine with the starter and a full-bodied dry red wine with the main course. The dessert goes nicely with a (not overly sweet) dessert wine (e.g. Sauternes or Jurançon, or a Vin Santo), or – as the picture very clearly suggests – a VSOP cognac.




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