Sanni – Champagne/Absinthe Cocktail

Sometimes at the end of a long night I ask my guests to describe their mood, and I try to make a cocktail based on the description. The description of the mood often requires to describe emotions, Jungian word association, as well as choosing a colour, or a colour range.

This drink was a response to my own mood. Sanni asked me to make her a drink that represented how I see her and I came up with this, inspired by Hemingway.




  • Crème de menthe
  • Absinthe
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Champagne (don’t go cheap… it has to be decent champagne based on what you like)
  • One slice of orange
  • One cocktail cherry

How to make it:

  • Quarter measure of Absinthe.
  • Quarter measure of lime juice.
  • Add 1/8th of measure of Crème de menthe carefully so most of it settles in the bottom and in the process soothes the sour taste of the lime juice.
  • Use the orange slice and make a cone and hold it inside the glass, but do not dunk it all the way into the drink.
  • Pour the champagne carefully over the orange cone until the glass is full, so most of it will not mix with the rest of the cocktail. The idea is that there will be a graduated taste change from pure champagne to delicious but strong tasting absinthe as one sips the drink down.
  • Let the orange slice open.
  • Drop the cocktail cherry on top.
  • Enjoy your drink!!!



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